A Photographer's Mission

Since 2012, professional photographer Penny Adams has donated her time and skills daily to take beautiful portraits of cats, dogs, rabbits and more for local rescues and open admission animal shelters in Middle Tennessee. These images are utilized by the shelters and rescues for social media and adoption profiles which have helped inspire thousands to adopt, share and foster, but still it's a never ending battle to adopt out cats and kittens.

It's not uncommon for women to fall in love with a cat or kitten on the adoption floor only for the husband or boyfriend to shut them down and comment that "dogs are man's best friend...not cats."

It's extremely frustrating, because in that moment..it feels like there's a double standard of what it means to be a cat guardian. As if it's not manly enough to own a cat or more than 2 cats for fear of being labeled a cat lady. What it comes down to is that cat behavior is widely misunderstood. In a lot of ways, cats are still somewhat considered aloof disposable creatures. Shelters and rescues are challenged with coming up with more and more creative ways to get them adopted with little or no budget.

A couple of years ago, Penny photographed a local firefighter with a kitten for an adoption promo for Williamson County Animal Center. The image went viral and was adored by cat lovers all over the world.

That was the inspiration for this project. Penny's mission is to help soften the "cat lady" social stigma of cat ownership and to also help raise funds for the shelters and rescues she directly assists. This calendar is dedicated to all those cat daddies out there whose love and compassion for fuzzy felines make you more of a man than you'll ever know.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the "Real Men Who Love Cats Calendar" will go directly to the Williamson County Animal Center (Franklin, TN), Metro Animal Care and Control (Nashville, TN), FLUFF Cat Rescue (Nashville, TN), The Cat Shoppe Rescue (Nashville, TN) and to provide financial support for Penny's mission to continue photographing homeless animals. In 2016, she photographed over 1750 animals and logged over 5,000 miles going back and forth to the shelters.

A Portion of Proceeds from the Sale of this Calendar BEnefits

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